UNEMPLOYMENT The truth about unemployment is there are too many people applying for the same job.  The salaries they are offering people are insulting to the working class  Americans.  We need jobs that pay our bills and give us our lives back! This job market offers us nothing.

This is your one stop job site, begin the hunt, as you search for a job and upload your resume, remember don’t give up the search, your in good company. Keep seeking the different options.  The law of probailty is sooner or later you will see  the doors start to open.  You only fail when you fail to try, keep knocking on those doors, keep pounding those pavements, and good things will start happening for you, but most of all keep the faith.  Let us know when you find a job that is good enough for you! Remember you are a success, our politicians are the failures. Don’t ever stop believing in you, you’re a somebody. MAIL BOX

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