Bank of America: Biggest Scam in America Investors Beware!

GreenTree Servicing LLC, investor beware.  These are the stories we are working on right now!  Keep checking our front-page!  CountryWide Mortgages set the stage for mortgage fraud and robbing the American Dream, and, Bank of America, is doing the same thing to the victim homeowners with the help of Green Tree Servicing LLC, and investors need be beware of the damages that will follow these bad mortgages.

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High Court Refuses to Review Ruling Upholding Dismissal of RESPA Suit

Jenara Steele, et al. v. Green Tree Servicing LLC, et al., No. 11-1288, U.S. Sup.; See July 2012.

Beware of Green Tree Servicing LLC = CountyWide Mortgages

Here is the settlement that this American government rewarded Bank of America to pay to each homeowner: A check of $1,000 dollars.  This is a slap in the face to every homeowner who has been suffering from this CountryWide Mortgage scam.

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Texas Judge Fitzwater is a hypocrite!

This is why we cannot trust our government! They have an abusive power over us. God is very angry!

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The Westchester News Report: Stock Market Investor Alert

Here's a prediction about the"Bank of America" and Green Tree Servicing LLC = CountryWide Shell, this is the biggest mortgage scam in America and the stocks will plummet in the near future.